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About Me

As a New York & Connecticut Licensed Home Inspector, I combine my extensive construction management experience with years of dedicated home inspection expertise. My approach is informed by hands-on experience in building and overseeing the construction of buildings from the ground up, managing renovations, and ensuring adherence to the strictest safety and quality standards. I am adept at identifying potential issues, from structural problems to minor details that could lead to bigger concerns, ensuring that you make informed decisions about your property.

My Story

With nearly 20 years of wide-ranging experience in the construction industry, including as a Director of Construction and Senior Project Manager for high-profile commercial and infrastructure projects, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my home inspection business. My background spans large-scale commercial constructions, high-end retail expansions, and critical infrastructure projects across the nation and globally. This experience has given me a deep understanding of construction standards, quality control, and safety regulations, ensuring I provide the highest level of service to my clients.

Being equipped with the latest industry knowledge and tools ensures that every home inspection I conduct is thorough, precise, and informed by the most current standards and techniques. My arsenal includes advanced diagnostic equipment and a deep understanding of both traditional and innovative construction methods, enabling me to detect issues that others might overlook. This expertise, combined with my extensive background in construction management and hands-on building experience, allows me to provide detailed assessments that help homeowners and buyers make informed decisions with confidence. Whether it's identifying potential structural concerns, understanding the nuances of electrical and plumbing systems, or assessing the overall condition of a property, my goal is to deliver insights that protect and guide my clients through their real estate transactions.

Let my extensive background in construction management and home inspection be your assurance of quality and reliability. Whether you are buying, selling, or ensuring the safety and integrity of your property, I am here to provide expert, detailed inspections that you can trust.


You can reach us by phone or email. Feel free to fill out a form on the Contact page!

(347) 835-0342

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